Why taking breaks and resting is so important

It has become a bit quieter regarding my contributions, such as guided online meditations or blogs. I have actually allowed myself a quieter phase. My online yoga has been booming in the last weeks, especially during the lockdown. But now it has become a bit quieter. Most of my clients now prefer to move outside again, outside in nice weather…I totally understand. I feel the same way. I enjoy being outside with my family and friends. The great weather, the nature and also the regained feeling of freedom – everything attracts outside.

And this change – or to put it another way – this somewhat calmer time, regarding my activities and my offer, I have used for myself and renounced advertising for my online yoga, assignments for life & health coaching as well as new meditations and the creation of contributions.

At the beginning it felt a bit strange. I’m more of a doer, rest and sitting still is a foreign word for me – I enjoy producing content and working with clients. This is my passion and then I am in the FLOW: creating something, designing, contributing some content, coaching, teaching yoga and then the feeling when I look into the satisfied faces after a coaching or yoga lesson or when a project is successfully completed…JUST AWESOME.

But especially active and creative people like me need breaks – breaks to look inside again. Breaks to calm down and to listen to the inner voice and your own needs. Most of the time this is lost in the pulsating everyday life. This is the same with me. I am completely honest with that.

Sure, I meditate regularly, I practice yoga daily, I have my routines. But it is rare that I spend more than 30 minutes in front of the TV or just do some nonsense that has nothing to do with work or any of my routines. In fact it mostly has something to do with projects, vision work or content. I kind of don’t allow myself to just do nothing. For me it is somehow labelled as senseless. And yet, when I have a weak moment and watch a funny TV show, or just read an exciting and amusing book (instead of what I usually read, like non-fiction and specialist literature) – I realize how good it feels to relax my soul. This has nothing to do with senseless, but with allowing.

A little excursion: Laughing does something to your mind and body. Through smiling, your brain receives positive signals and becomes more efficient. While you smile, you learn easier and faster and memorize the information you take in much better. While endorphins are released, the release of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline is suppressed in your body. So it also prevents burn-out and increases your creativity and promotes a healthy lifestyle in a simple way. The short-term changes in your hormone balance can be so strong that they help relieve your tension and any pain. And, even your immune system is stimulated by the laughter.

And yes, at the moment I personally hear this voice inside me louder and louder – saying: take a break, enjoy the peace and quiet, take it easy and trust that everything will come at the right time…and it will, I’m sure.

  • Do you notice moments like this in yourself?
  • Moments when your inner voice wants to tell you something?
  • Do you listen to that voice?

I wish you a great summer and a lot of laughs!


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