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Coaching & Yoga for a better Life

You have taken the first step – this will be the beginning of an exciting journey!

Most people think they have to wait for the right moment to make a change in their life that they have been longing for.

Be it the job, the relationship, the place of residence, a trip or any decision that has been buzzing around in the head for a long time.

The best way to predict your future is to shape it yourself according to your wishes and ideas. Start now.

If one or more of the following questions appeal to you, then it is time to look for the right answers and solutions:

  • Your life is quite ok, but you wonder if that’s all there is to it?
  • You know that you have wanted to change something for a long time, but you feel somehow blocked?
  • The desire for a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle is growing, but how do you best tackle this now?
  • You have clear dreams, visions and goals – and what’s next?

Only when you start to change your mindset and come into your full power, you will start your journey.

Act confidently. Unleash your full potential. Find your authentic path. The right time is now. Are you ready?

Then start your personal journey and realise your vision of a fulfilled and successful life. As an effective future shaper I will guide you during this transformation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

My offering

The goal of my offerings are to achieve together with you a new quality of self-efficacy, personal development, healthy-well-being and success in your life.

As a professional Life & Health Coach I support you in your complex and ever changing private and professional situations. I combine my coaching expertise with my profound international experience in people development, health management and communication.

I offer my coaching sessions online and face-to-face in Switzerland and in Southern Germany. So you can make flexible decisions according to your needs and your agenda.

What does that mean for you in concrete terms?

Together we go on a journey of personal discovery and enlighten your full potential.

Together with me you will develop and answer (self-) consciously essential questions of life and face your personally and significantly important course of action!

We have the opportunity to rock our lives by valuing our past experiences as practice time, using our present, playing the right notes to shine in our future as rock stars.

When I write together, I mean that I am your travel guide – you will experience, decide and live your journey exclusively and only for yourself during the coaching.

Would you like to know more?

You can be curious about what is possible. Take the first step and write me without obligation.

The right moment is now. Start now.

About me

When I look back on my past, I have always been a person who has experimented a lot and followed my gut feeling. I was interested in many aspects and when it felt right, I deepened into the topic accordingly.

New paths are created as we walk

I am a creative person, a globetrotter, a content creator and therefore I love to write articles or illustrate messages about everything that touches me.

My adopted country is Switzerland, where I live together with my family. I grew up in Southern Germany – I left a part of my heart in the USA, where I lived for about 2 years and travel there almost every year.

Life has so many facets and so each and every one of us has many facets. This is what makes life! It offers so many infinite chances. But often we limit ourselves to what is actually possible.

The topic “personal development” has accompanied me professionally as a communication and people development expert for the last 15 years and after I had great success with health management initiatives and mindfulness@work programs in the context of leadership events and employee seminars, I decided to start my own business as a certified Life & Health Coach.

Since 2018 I am also a qualified Yoga teacher and combine the elements of Yoga, Relaxation and breath techniques in the everyday life of my clients, if they ask for. I also love teaching the classic dynamic flow and offer next to private lessons also online Yoga and Kids Yoga.

The infinite potential that lies within each of us wants to be discovered and brought to life. To discover and activate your passion and potential together with you, so that you come into your full power and live a healthy lifestyle, is my clear mission!

I look forward to guiding you on your way – just write me!


My Blog

Have fun with my blog entries. Let me know if you want me to write about anything.

Otherwise you will find a colourful mixture of topics that interest me so strongly.