My offering

If you want to build and maintain a good quality of life in the long term, you need a resource-activating and health-promoting lifestyle that is also compatible with an individual’s daily routine and does not add pressure or stress…

You can benefit from my offer conveniently via ZOOM or face-to-face. So you can decide flexibly, depending on your needs and agenda.

What does that mean for you in concrete terms? Together we go on a journey of personal discovery and enlighten your full potential. You will develop and answer (self-) consciously essential questions of your life and face your personally and significantly important course of action!

We have the opportunity to rock our lives by valuing our past experiences as practice time, using our present, playing the right notes to shine in our future as rock stars.

In addition to 1:1 coaching for individuals, I also offer hypnotherapy and private yoga programs in my office in Thalwil / Gattikon.

I also work with companies and support them in the areas of Mindfulness@Work, Health Management and Corporate Healthcare on a mandate basis as a Feel Good Manager.