My Offer in Detail


Coaching is all about supporting you in the best possible way to develop concepts that are suitable for you and enable you to combine challenging professional and personal goals with a fulfilling private life.

Knowing and living your own needs and calling is one of the elementary steps towards a self-determined and fulfilled life.

My offer is directed to private persons as well as to companies. Regardless of the context, the focus is always on the individual and his or her personal needs.


To feel fulfilled and happy in your life, you need an authentic, individual and sustainable life concept. An inauthentic life does not only make you unhappy in the short term, it can have a very bad effect on your perceived quality of life as well as on your health in the medium term. Here, an individual coaching with one or more sessions can support you very effectively to find the right way for you.

Not only live long, but also healthy

Each individual coaching takes into account your individual ideas, wishes and conditions. These will be clarified in a free and non-binding preliminary conversation.

What is right in my life? What is not right?
What nourishes me? My body, my mind, my heart?
How do I find a harmonious balance of work & life?
How do I find a way out of stress?
What is poison for me? What is not good for me (anymore)?
What can I do myself to feel healthy and vital?

I can only open the door for you, you have to walk through it alone.


During a coaching session you go on a journey of discovery and illuminate your full potential. In doing so, you work out and answer (self-)consciously decisive life questions and confront your personally important course settings!

The goal of a coaching session is to develop your very own implementation plan for a fulfilled lifestyle. In a coaching session I accompany you to an individual, healthy and fulfilled life. To a life that is not off the shelf and that is not based on standardized ideas (“Everyone lives like this, so I have to too!”), but to a life that is tailored to your personal needs.

You can be curious about what is possible.

Would you like us to take a look at your individual situation? Then get in touch with me and we will clarify in a non-binding preliminary conversation to what extent I can support you as a coach.

A healthy life can be lived as naturally as breathing in and breathing out.

So you can be curious what is possible. Take the first step and write to me without obligation for a free initial consultation.