How long will it take you to make a change?

In essence, we are all the same… although we are not 100% satisfied with something, be it a recurring situation, be it at work, in a partnership, with ourselves, with another person, we remain in this state. Something stops us from immediately escaping this unpleasant situation or feeling…why is that? And, have I written here now nonsense and you think, hey nooo, I immediately say something or change something if something annoys, disturbs, and frustrates me, ….

And, is that so? Or do you – and I include myself there – also belong to the tribe of ” being patient, letting everything survive…”until at some point it starts to bubble inside you and a feeling of frustration, anger, despair, sadness breaks out?

The thing is the following…of course you shouldn’t give in to your first reaction, that’s what toddlers and babies do, they’re great at it – I’m speaking from experience 🙂 Only we adults, we’re mostly in the so-called Adult ME (at some point I’ll go into it more closely) and there you have to “dominate” yourself. Haha. Yes, that means that you don’t get a tantrum or even break out in tears. Now it is so that everything with adults begins with a thought, this triggers the feeling, this determines your spoken word, which leads to an action at some point. This action becomes a habit at some point and, eh, your character is formed.

That means, for example, if you are no longer happy in a relationship, but it has lasted for a few months or years, a reaction out of affect is not the best. BUT neither is perseverance. And certainly not when you feel worse and worse. There is also something like intuition or gut feeling, unfortunately most of us don’t feel it anymore and when we do, thoughts come up that are much more powerful than intuition.

Ask yourself, how quickly do you make decisions? What has to happen before you make a decision? And if you have – I suppose in your mind – made a decision, how long does it take you to put it into practice? Do you still follow or pay attention to your intuition or your gut feeling?

I mentioned above the classic way of reacting, starting with a mere thought about a situation and what kind of rat tail follows. To repeat: First the thought, then the feeling, then the word, then the action, then often the habit of always reacting to the same thought with the same feeling and et voila – endless loop and you are trapped…

In yoga we speak of Chanti, the inner voice, your thoughts…which, if you are not aware of it, can go through with you. And although the day actually started well and there was nothing specific, the world can end – YOU can make the world end, just with your thoughts… can you still follow me? 🙂

Now, to my initial question – how long will it take you to make a change?

In order to become aware of your thoughts, meditating, for example, helps you learn that your thoughts are not YOU. Thoughts are your experiences, experiences, beliefs, education, … but YOU are not your thoughts!

Become aware of this and you will find clarity in decisions quite quickly – whether everything is good as it is or whether you really have to change something.

In this sense, let’s flow and namaste 🙏🏼

Anja xx

P.S. And watch out for your intuition in the next few days! 🙂

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