Rejection hurts and is extremely unpleasant. Nevertheless, it is part of life. We cannot prevent being rejected or encountering rejection. However, we can learn to handle rejection better. In this post, I share with you 7 helpful tips.

Rejection is something I think we experience often (sometimes too often if you ask me) in life: We get a rejection on a job application, a rejection from our crush, our partner leaves us, a friend cancels the long awaited meeting and in the office our project idea is rejected.

We can be rejected at every turn and unfortunately there is no real prevention for it.

But why is it so difficult for us to deal with rejection in the first place?

If we are confronted with it so often, you would think that you would have slowly gotten used to being rejected. But no. Fiddlesticks. Being rejected is always a painful experience.

But somehow we don’t manage to go through the world with compassion and love. Either we are too busy with ourselves, projecting our own problems onto the other person, our ego has taken over, we slept badly, ate something bad, the work, the spouse, the child…reasons upon reasons why we act or react like this. But basically we all have a common goal – to lead a happy and content life. At least that’s what I’m assuming to this day, unless you disagree, in which case PLEASE leave me a comment.

But, and this is the point – why does rejection still feel like a slap in the face to us? And that’s where I have to go way out on a limb. Because, for evolutionary reasons, those people who were well integrated into a community came through better. Those who were on their own were more likely to be eaten by the saber-toothed tiger that was already lurking around the corner, or to freeze to death because they couldn’t look after themselves well enough. The people who were hurt when they were excluded from a community were consequently the better adapted people and survived more easily. Our brains still haven’t unlearned this connection.

Wow. Welcome to the here & now ladies and gentlemen…so to get through your life with ease in the 21st century, you’ll find my tips.

I’m sharing with you my 7 tips to better deal with rejection

So what can we do? How can we manage to deal with rejection better? The following 7 tips can help you protect your self-worth in the face of rejection and deal with rejection more constructively.

  • Do not take it personally
  • Find alternative explanations
  • ONE opinion, ONE point of view at ONE time from ONE person – so stay realistic
  • Be good to yourself and treat yourself well
  • Inquire and find clarity in this situation that is uncomfortable for you
  • Reflect the situation and maybe recognize YOUR shadow child part
  • Talk to a good friend and ask him/ her to make a list of positive attributes of you

You are a valuable person and no rejection, no rebuff and no disrespect will ever change that. Believe in yourself!

Would you like to believe in it more, but your self-doubt stands in your way too often? Then I invite you to join me for a yoga class or a life coaching session to increase your self-esteem, find new self-confidence and finally meet yourself with more self-care.

You are a WONDER.

The complexity of life

Do you ever ask yourself that? Your to-do list is getting longer and longer, you have to deal with things you don’t feel like doing and you don’t have the time for the things that you really enjoy? You dream of a simple life, dream of ideas you want to realize, wish for more time and just don’t know how to do it?

To achieve this, you don’t have to flee from your everyday life, move to the country or switch off your smartphone and meditate for hours – if you become aware of a few things and are willing to change some of your views, it will work.

Pay attention to your thoughts, because they become your words.

Pay attention to your words because they become your actions.

Pay attention to your actions, because they become your habits.

Pay attention to your habits because they become your character.

Pay attention to your character, for it become your destiny.

So you pretty much decide for yourself what you think, what you do and how you act as a person.

When you first become aware of how much time you give to your thoughts, which strand of thoughts you have followed again and what effects this can have on you, wouldn’t you start to look for a way out, too?

And yes, it is indeed simple: You can think what you want. You can take responsibility for your own well-being. You determine how you feel in certain situations. Thinking is actually one of the only things that you can actively determine yourself.

I would like to share 5 steps with you that help me when it gets too much, too complicated and the complexity of life tries to get me out of it:

1.Allow yourself to pause for a moment. Do not blame yourself. That would make the situation much more unpleasant. Just start to prioritize your topics:

What is important?

What can wait?

What is easy for you?

What takes a little longer?

Then create a time schedule.

2.Maybe you don’t have to do things that are very difficult for you alone? Get support or do some research on the internet, most of the time an idea, solution or way has already been found that might fit – also for your topic.

3.Have confidence in yourself. Did you know that trust is the opposite of fear and chaos? Well, now you know it.

4.Do you consciously endure such unpleasant situations and ask yourself if there is a learning process waiting for you to grow?

5.And if you are totally blocked and nothing works anymore, then leave the to-do, go out into the fresh air, walk a few meters and breathe in and out consciously. Air out your head. This little change of location helps you to get other thoughts and sometimes works wonders.

Last but not least: Yoga, meditation or even the conscious involvement of a coach will also help to free you from your carousel of thoughts and old habits. You learn to build up strategies for yourself that will support you in the long run to build up a strong inner attitude for the complexity of your personal life.

Peace, Love & Namasté

Morning Flow – Guided Meditation in English

I just released my first meditation in English! I am so excited, I hope you like it.

As I am still connected to the USA – I left a piece of my heart there – and especially to some very close friends who live there, I was motivated to record one in English. We all live in special times and supporting each other should become the new normal…

With this meditation you will start into your new day with a relaxed and positive attitude – you will feel solid as a rock afterwards, because you are the CEO of your life and can create your perfect day. Have fun and trust in the process.