Hypnosis therapy can help you efficiently and sustainably with the following problems:

Relationship problems private and business

I feel comfortable in my relationship and can be myself
I find the right partner
I have a pleasant relationship with my employees/my boss

Fears and phobias

Flying relaxed on vacation
Speak in front of people without fear
Getting into the elevator again without stress
No more panic attacks

Stress, burnout

I know my limits and do not exceed them
I stop suppressing my problems

Self-confidence, self-esteem

I know who I am and stand by it
I treat myself well and lovingly
I am the captain of my ship

Sleep disorders

Finally falling asleep and staying asleep quickly again

Addictive behavior e.g. smoking, eating….

I have regained control over my behavior

Psychosomatic illnesses

I thank my body for the signs and take them seriously
I recognize what is wrong in my life and can change it
I have confidence in my body and my self-healing powers

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