Hypnosis Therapy

An update for your subconscious: New thinking. New action. New feelings.
If you want it, hypnosis can positively accompany and support you in almost all aspects of your body, soul and mind. There is no more natural method than hypnosis. It actively helps you to help yourself and allows you to regain your full strength and self-determination.

How does hypnosis therapy work?

It is best to plan 2.5 hours per session for your hypnosis therapy.

What can you expect? First of all, we will examine your life to date and work out your current situation. This will give you clarity about where you currently stand in life and what you really want to change. We then move on to deeper levels of consciousness, where hypnosis comes into play and you have the chance to release old patterns, physical complaints and unhealthy habits for good.

I recommend that you plan up to 2 hypnosis sessions – for lasting success.

If you are interested in hypnosis therapy, take advantage of the free preliminary consultation and find out what it’s all about and what you can expect. I look forward to getting to know you!

Hypnosis therapy can help you efficiently and sustainably with the following problems:

Relationship problems private and business

Feeling more comfortable in your relationship
Finding the right partner
Having pleasant relationships with employees/my boss

Fears and phobias

Flying relaxed on vacation
Speak in front of people without fear
Getting into the elevator again without stress
No more panic attacks

Stress, burnout

Knowing your limits and do not exceed them
Stopping to suppress your problems

Self-confidence, self-esteem

Knowing who you are and stand by it
Treating yourself well and lovingly
Being the captain of your ship

Sleep disorders

Finally falling asleep and staying asleep quickly again

Addictive behavior e.g. smoking, eating….

Regaining control over your behavior

Psychosomatic illnesses

Thanking your body for the signs and take them seriously
Recognicing what is wrong in your life and can change it
Having confidence in your body and your self-healing powers

If you are interested in hypnosis therapy, please contact me without obligation or call me directly.